Italy coach Mancini hails Roma midfielder Pellegrini after England draw

Italy coach Roberto Mancini was delighted with their 0-0 draw at Nations League opponents England.

Mancini admits his young team has surprised him.

“I’ll be honest, I did not expect this, I thought it’d be worse,” confessed Mancini in his press conference.

“We still have a lot to work on, there’s a long road ahead full of dangers. We certainly need to score more goals and if Davide Frattesi had scored in the opening five minutes, it would’ve been a different game. He’ll get it next time.

“I didn’t expect us to do so well in these three weeks together. It’s important that we haven’t changed our style of football, even when the personnel did.”

On Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini, he also said: “Pellegrini has his own style of football, he’s not a 10 like Giuseppe Giannini, nor a 10 like Francesco Totti.

I think he can become much better with time, because he is so good at both attacking and defending. At times he loses balls he shouldn’t, but if he improves that and a couple of other things, he can become simply extraordinary.”