Barcelona won’t improve Dembele contract offer with star eyeing higher wages elsewhere

The forward’s current deal runs out in a matter of days, with the likes of PSG, Juventus and Chelsea reportedly interested.

Barcelona will not budge in their negotiations with Ousmane Dembele and have made it clear that he can either accept their current offer or leave the club, GOAL understands.

Dembele is out of contract in five days, with several giant clubs reportedly interested in his services.

But his current employers, who are struggling financially, will not move from the wage package on the table, making a take it or leave it offer for the France international.

Dembele has held out for six months at Barca while talks have continued on and off.

But from the club’s perspective, nothing has changed.

The current offer is the same one that has been extended since December and Barcelona have no intention of improving their terms, in spite of the interest elsewhere.

Paris Saint-Germain have been closely linked with a free transfer, as have Juventus and Chelsea.

It is now the forward’s choice, with just five days to go before his deal is up.

Dembele has not struck an agreement with either Barca or any other club in the past six months and uncertainty looks set to reign until the very end of June.

Coach Xavi for one has never hidden his desire to keep the winger.

“His renewal is a priority,” he told reporters at his very first press conference upon taking over in 2021.

The Blaugrana board, however, refuse to budge on the money offered, pointing to Dembele’s less than spotless fitness record, while the player understandably wants a deal that reflects his talent and recent improvement.

“Dembele’s future must be known to him and his agents, I have my own opinion on the matter but it is neither here nor there,” Barca director of football Mateu Alemany fired in May.

“There is no news from him, just like for the last six or seven months.”