Premier League footballer arrested in north London on suspicion of rape: Report

The world of football was rocked by yet another controversy as a Premier League international footballer was arrested in North London on suspicion of rape, according to Telegraph Sport. The report stated that the footballer is understood to be in his late 20s and the police has taken him in for questioning for the incident that took place last month. The arrest was later confirmed by Scotland Yard who issued an official statement stating the footballer is currently in their custody.

For legal purposes, the name of the footballer was not released at the moment, but the Telegraph reported that his club was aware of the development and the subsequent questioning.

“On 4 July, an allegation of rape of a woman in her 20s was reported to police,” the Met Police said in a statement according to the report. “It was reported the alleged rape happened in June 2022.”

The police also said that the well-known footballer was held “at an address in Barnet on suspicion of rape and taken into custody where he remains” and the enquiry is currently “ongoing”.

Most Premier League teams are gearing up for their pre-season fixtures ahead of the new season of English football which starts on August 5. The Telegraph also said that the footballer is quite well known in the footballing world and was going to play in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

However, this development can cast a huge shadow on his World Cup dreams and the upcoming days will be crucial in understanding where the investigation leads in this case.