I’ll prove doubters wrong – Usman

Although welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman relishes a challenge, what the pound-for-pound number one enjoys more is proving those who doubt his champion status wrong.

On August 20, Usman will defend his UFC title again against the extremely high-quality Leon Edwards, but Usman is already looking at the rest of the competition in his category.

Khamzat Chimaev is one of the most attractive names that everyone wants to watch in matches against the best. The undefeated Chechen defeated Gilbert Burns in the first half of the fourth month, and it is easily possible for him to get a title shot after Leon Edwards.

Usman is excited about such a challenge, and speaking to TSN revealed that he plans to prove that Chimaev is not the type to stop his reign within the welterweight division. But Usman is also happy because a new face has appeared at the top, a fighter he has not had the chance to face before.“Of course. It’s great,” he told TSN’. “I mean, when you’ve beaten someone over time, you look at potentially fighting them for a third time, yes, it’s always great to have someone sneak in there and kind of shake things up a little bit that gives you that extra name value, that people think you are the real man.

That’s the one that’s going a go in there and do it.’ That means a lot, and that’s great”. Usman began, and then he compared himself and Chimaev to boxing legends.

“And I mean, we’re talking Floyd (Mayweather) and (Manny) Pacquiao here,” he continued.“Floyd’s destroying everybody and everyone’s like, ‘Pacquiao! That’s the guy. That’s the  guy that’s going do it.’ And the same situation here. I love the fact that people are thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s the guy that could potentially do it.

But it’s my job as the champion, so each and every time I step in there, go out there and prove them all wrong, and hold that belt for as long as I can. “And when I’m ready to walk away, I walk away.” First of all, though, Usman is focused on Edwards’ challenge. After that, then it might be Chimaev’s turn.