Man Utd boss Ten Hag: Definite setback; we looked better with Ronaldo on the pitch

Manager Erik ten Hag of Manchester United acknowledges that the team’s home loss to Brighton was a “clear setback.” Brighton was ahead 2-0 thanks to a strike from Pascal Gross before Alexis MacAllister’s own goal gave United some hope. There has been a setback, Ten Hag stated. This is a major letdown, but we must accept it. I was aware from the beginning that it would not be simple; it is a process that takes time, but we don’t have that luxury because we need to win games. We ought to have handled it better. I looked into it, and it wasn’t necessary that we lost two simple balls. I believe the organization made a serious error. We must evaluate and learn from the experience.

Ten Hag responded when asked if he was pleased with Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in the second half: “I think so. With Eriksen down and Ronaldo up in the middle of the field, it was obvious that we were superior in the second half, and we subsequently produced. It’s too bad we didn’t score at that point. Everything requires time; nothing can be rushed. He has been training for a week and a bit more right now. This game will assist him in his efforts to become more physically fit. Next week, he’ll be better. We lost, and it was definitely unnecessary, therefore I’m not happy or content. We ought to have performed better.

“I understood previously that building and developing it was difficult; it takes time, but I know that at the top you don’t have time.” We reacted as a team in the second half and actively competed for the victory. We made mistakes, not because we didn’t fight or because we had the correct mentality, but rather so that we might learn from them.