In his newest exhibition fight, Floyd Mayweather will square off against YouTube personality Deji in November.

MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura of Japan was knocked out in the second round by Floyd Mayweather Jr. during an exhibition fight this past weekend in Japan. On November 13, Mayweather will face British YouTuber Deji. The pay-per-view event, which takes place in Dubai, will be broadcast.

The announcement follows rumors that Mayweather was trying to arrange a rematch with Conor McGregor. In his final professional match, Mayweather defeated McGregor by TKO to improve his career record to 50-0. Since then, he has engaged in exhibition fights with Asakura, social media sensation Logan Paul, retired boxer Don Moore, and Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

Deji is the sibling of fellow YouTuber KSI, who in 2019 defeated Logan Paul in a competitive match. In a match in August, Deji defeated Fousey, another popular YouTuber.

After defeating Asakura, Mayweather made it apparent that his demonstration fights are primarily for entertainment purposes and that, at the age of 45, he has little interest in taking on opponents who actually represent a threat to him.

Mayweather declared, “I’m not going in there with no former boxers, former world champions, inflicting more abuse on my body. “I retired with a purpose. I’m here to enjoy myself, sometimes for three rounds and other times for eight, with guys who will aid in my showmanship.

“I won’t accept punishment that makes it so difficult for me to move or speak. Despite having a successful career, Manny was forced to resign from boxing. There is a distinction. Of course, I would seek out a fight with Floyd Mayweather if I were Manny Pacquiao in order to make a profit. Of course I would. But right now, I enjoy competing against 15-0, 8-0 opponents who are either older than I am, YouTube stars, or MMA fighters. I will keep dictating and exercising authority like I always have.”

On the card will also be Tommy Fury, who twice failed to show up for scheduled fights against Jake Paul and the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The opponent for Fury is still unknown.