Alejandro Kirk, an All-Star batter, is a key player for Toronto.

He is superior. Alejandro Kirk, the team’s catcher and designated hitter, is the “guy,” according to Blue Jays outfielder George Springer. “Everyone loves his smile, and he likes to have fun.”

The month of October frequently shines brightest on individuals who make contact and who swing with purpose rather than aimlessly. Kirk might be the ideal playoff combination for a Jays team with abundant of muscle and star power. He has struck out just 57 times in 468 at-bats.

According to Toronto starter Kevin Gausman, “What he’s done at the plate – as I watch pitchers attempt to pinpoint his vulnerability as the season goes on – there’s really not one.” He is a superb off-speed hitter and can hit the high and low balls quite well for a short guy.